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Tafseer of QURAN

Learn Quran Tafseer Online classes play an important role in online Quran classes. Therefore, we should understand Quran Tafseer online. So, the world Tafseer comes from the root faster which means to uncover or display something. To uncover or display something, which was previously somewhat covered. And, hard to comprehend then it will be like clarifying or expounding that thing. Simply, Tafsir is the annotation and interpretation refers to the Holy Quran Online. Here, you will learn the meaning of worlds of the Holy Quran, its translation, and the Summary of the verses. And, an Author of Tafsir is a Mufassir. Many people have written a lot of books on Tafseer-e-Quran. It is very important for all Muslims to learn Quran Tafseer online.

Taleem ul Quran bic Grammar, Knowledge of the Quran, and Principles of Shariah. As a result, this course will not lead you to become a scholar. But, will help in developing a general understanding of Allah’s commands and principles of Shariah.

Quran is the Holy Book of Allah Almighty and it is one of the basic obligations upon Muslims to understand Quran meaning and summary. Unfortunately, millions of Muslims may recite the Holy Quran, listen to it and try to correct its pronunciation. But, how many of them know about its meaning, explanation, and reason of revelation? How many of them get guidance from Quran? And, this is the message of the Quran to follow Shariah principles and start implementation in our lives.

All kids and adults can learn Quran Tafseer online under the supervision of qualified and professional Quran teachers at Taleem-ul-Quran. Sisters and daughters can now understand Quran with its actual meaning and explanation with female teachers at their home. We understand, how to make it easy and deliver the lesson in many languages like English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and Pashto.